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  • A Few Things You Might Not Know About Smartphone Security

  • The smartphone is the future of modern communication. A survey made by ID in 2015 shows that were over 1.6 billion smartphones running Android in current use and just 505 million users of iPhone. With the inclusion of high-quality cameras it means that smartphones are being used more and more to take photos. This means that smartphones are targeted by hackers, who try to infect devices and steal sensitive data.

    Nowadays the use of security software on a PC or laptop it’s a priority. But many smartphone users do not have the same sense of responsibility, even though their devices store private data, private photos, Internet banking information or even business information.
    Our modern smartphones are an attractive target for cybernetic attacks and thieves.  As it is not possible to prevent them from being attacked, they must be made less attractive for hackers and those thieves.  In consequence, many of today’s security products contain malware protection and also highly developed theft-protection functions, which make the device less attractive (locking the device, localize or even block it).
    Have you updated your Android version or do you have a phone with Android 5.1? Well let me tell you that Android 5.1 Version has problems with text messages blocking features in security products. Text messages can’t be blocked or hidden on Android 5.1. Thieves are able to see text messages in plain text, meaning that they can see the password.
    Mobile security has become increasingly important in mobile computing.
    All smartphones are preferred targets of hackers. These attacks exploit weaknesses related to smartphones that can come from means of communication like Short Message Service, Multimedia Messaging Service, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and GSM. There are also attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities from both the web browser and operating system. Finally, there are forms of malicious software that rely on the weak knowledge of average users.
    A smartphone is exposed to various threats. In the last years, the number of unique mobile threats grew by 261%, according to ABI. These threats can disrupt the operation of the smartphone, and transmit or modify user data.
    Here are 3 prime targets in cybernetic attacks.
    Data: Our Smartphones are devices for data management which may contain data like credit card numbers, authentication information, private information, passwords, phone calls, messages and other.
    Identity: Every mobile device can transmit information related to the owner of the mobile phone contract, and an attacker may want to steal the identity of the owner of a smartphone to commit other offenses.
    Availability: by attacking a smartphone one can limit access to it and deprive the owner of the service.
    Now that you’ve realized how important private information your cell phone holds, you’re probably wondering, how secure is my mobile? And how to make it more secure?
    From now on you can install on your devices apps that protect your data from stealing or being bugged. With Mobile Security, you can remotely lock your mobile device if it is lost or stolen, and prevent access to your private information.

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